Engineer’s Steel Straight Edges

Standard sizes and accuracy of Luthra Engineer’s Steel Straight Edges as per IS:2220-1990, Grade-1

 L × W × T Straightness H-Rs UNH-Rs
300 x 50 x 8 0.003 Rs1,450.00 Rs700.00
600 x 50 x 8 0.004 Rs2,550.00 Rs3,350.00
1000 x 50 x 10 0.007 Rs4,600.00 Rs2,550.00
1500 x 65 x 12 0.008 Rs6,850.00 Rs3,500.00
2000 x 65 x 12 0.010 Rs8,950.00 Rs5,100.00
3000 x 75 x 12 0.025 Rs36,750.00 Rs20,500.00


We provide our clients with Engineer’s steel straight edges. These are widely used for checking straightness and marking purposes. Steel straight edges are made using high quality steel and are available in hardened and unhardened form. Our steel straight edges are hand scrapped or lapped to achieve the desired accuracy as per standards. Light in weight, design of these straight edges make them ideal to use in various   industries such as Glass, Fabrication and windmill. The Engineer’s steel straight edges of bigger size are provided with milling slots to reduce weight. Our Steel Straight edges are supplied with computerized calibration certificate traceable to National Physical   Laboratory (NPL, Govt Of India ) New Delhi.


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