Straight / Parallel Mandrel

Standard sizes and accuracy of Luthra Straight Mandrel and Parallel Mandrel As per IS-2063:1962.

Parallel/Straight Mandrel
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Price
40 300 Rs5,150.00
40 500 Rs7,150.00
40 600 Rs9,750.00
50 300 Rs6,200.00
50 500 Rs9,000.00
50 600 Rs12,000.00
60 300 Rs7,450.00
60 500 Rs9,950.00
60 600 Rs13,250.00


Straight mandrel and parallel mandrel are also called as inspection mandrels and are used for checking concentricity, parallelism and true running of components. Mandrel mounted between centres provides a reference straight line joining the two points (centres), so as to check the alignment of the centres. Parallel mandrels are made of hardened and stabilised steel. Mandrels are provided with properly ground and lapped centres for easy usage and accuracy.


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