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Since its inception, Bearing & Tool Center has made an indelible mark for itself in the calibration industry. Our specialization lies in trading and supplying of a number of measuring and testing equipment manufactured by respectable brands.

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V-Anvil Micrometer


P Type Dial Caliper


Oil Dip Tape


Jaw Type Inside Micrometer (0.01mm)

Internal Dial Caliper Gauge



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The Bearing Tools Centre is a one of the best service providers that are the Supplier of Dimensional Measuring Instruments and Supplier of Dimensional Metrological Instruments in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our company is providing the services that are related to the different type of the measuring and testing equipment that is manufactured by the well known brands.
Since 1981 we are the service provider of the several products that are engaged in providing the product that are from the national and the international company. The product like NDT / Testing Instruments, Vices and Lubrication instruments, Vernier Caliper, Bevel Protractors, Depth Micrometer, Depth Micrometer, Magnetic V Block, Temperature Meter, LCD Measuring Microscope, etc. are supplied by us that also at the exclusive price.
The very wide range of the measuring instrument is provided by us that are available in the different ranges and the varieties. The instruments that are supplied by us are most of from the certified company and are of the superior quality. We ensure that the best quality product is delivered to the customers.

Benefits of Our Services

There are several benefits of the services that are stated as follows

  • We are the certified supplier of the several measuring instruments.
  • The companies that are associated with us are certified.
  • We are only dealing with the product that is of the best quality.
  • The very wide range of the product is supplied by us that also in different part of the India.
  • The products are of the best quality and are offered at the exclusive price.

We are the Measuring Equipments Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The best quality measuring equipment is supplied by us that also at the affordable price. All the companies that are associated with us are national and the international companies the measuring equipment that is provided by us is as per the latest requirement. The wide range of the equipment is provided by us that also at the affordable price.

The products that are supplied by us are provided very fast and secure. They are delivered to a clientele that also within the stipulated amount of time. Our company has an experience of more than the three decades in this field and has served more than a thousand of the customers that are situated in the different part of the country. Please contact us, for more details our executive will provide you the complete solution that are associated with the product and the services.