Box Angle Plates

Standard sizes and accuracy of Luthra Straight Mandrel and Parallel Mandrel As per IS-2063:1962.

Range Price
175 x 100 x 125 Rs4,550.00
250 x 150 x 175 Rs6,800.00
350 x 200 x 250 Rs11,250.00
450 x 300 x 350 Rs26,250.00
600 x 400 x 450 Rs46,750.00
750 x 400 x 600 Rs75,500.00


We specialize in offering qualitative box angle plates. These are basically used for clamping work for tooling, shaping and milling, wherein, job can be fixed on one of its faces and are rotated in 5 positions without the need of repositioning or disturbing accuracy. Our range of box angle plates is used in diverse engineering industries where all the parameters such as squareness, flatness and parallelism are required in a single instrument. These parameters are true to each other for effective functioning of the plates.


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