Light Weight Aluminum Straight Edges

Standard sizes and accuracy of light weight aluminium straight edge As per Grade 1

Sizes mm Straightness Microns um Parallelism Microns um Price
1000 21 42 Rs4,400.00
1500 29 58 Rs9,300.00
2000 37 74 Rs13,250.00
2500 46 92 Rs22,250.00
3000 54 108 Rs32,150.00
4000 71 142 Rs59,500.00
5000 87 174 Rs82,250.00


Aluminium straight edges are widely used in industries where along with accuracy weight is also important factor. Light weight feature of these aluminium straight edges make them easy to use especially when using longer straight edges this is undoubtedly of great significance. These straight edges are made of aluminium section with steel strip reinforced on working surfaces for better working and durability.

Each Luthra aluminium straight edges is provided with computerized calibration certificate traceable to NPL (Govt. Of India)


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